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Team Leader - Professional Development Advisor

Doris Sazdova

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Doris is a Master of Science in Marketing Management, at Cardiff Metropolitan University by the UK. She is very passionate about marketing and business advisory, having an extended knowledge and experience in identifying needs and customized analysis of training solutions of companies coming from various industries worldwide. Considering her extensive academic background Doris is very familiar with a variety of learning principles and innovative learning technologies as well.

Today she is working at Causal Capital Ltd, as a Professional Development Advisor. Projects that her team support include hands-on workshops, variety of events, technical presentations, research studies, valuations, risk and financial modelling, system design and development. Doris can assist you in the design, implementation and evaluation of the professional and career development program in your company, including risk based audit assessment.

The internal audit profession finds itself within a rapidly changing environment, particularly at risk management. Therefore Doris considers the newest designed Continuous Learning Path (CLP) as a great solution for all your risk based audit challenges. At the same time, Doris is always willing to support you in the development of strategies, quantitative risk based audit plans, and business analysis. She is very passionate about the professional development programs in terms of the risk based audit in order to meet the identified needs.

Therefore if you have any further information do not hesitate to contact Doris.

Doris Sazdova

Team Leader - Professional Development Advisor

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