Halyna Olshanetska-Mitevska


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Halyna Olshanetska-Mitevska

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Halyna Olshanetska-Mitevska


Halyna was born and raised in Ukraine. Her educational background includes a bachelor's and master’s degrees in Czech Language and Literature. After her graduation, she launched her career in Lviv, Ukraine where she began her specialization in public and private schools as a Ukrainian Teacher & Translator. Since 2019 she is part of the Causal Capital team, the expert in the HR & Product field offering consulting learning programs that can help all HRs and Product professionals.

​Halyna recognizes and values the trust her clients' place in her and she strives every day to exceed their expectations. She also focused on putting her passion and skills to good use by supporting projects that she works on.

​Her experience of working on HR and Product projects, combined with communication and teaching skills that she possessed over the years, can help with every step of your experience with the CLP.

Halyna Olshanetska-Mitevska

Professional Development Advisor

+44 20 7193 2513

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Favorite Food: 

I can't pick one! Seafood, French-fries.

Favorite Movie:

Some Like It Hot

Favorite Book: 

Arch of Triumph


Shopping, Reading, Travelling

Favorite Quote: 

"Old ways won’t open new doors."

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