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Ivan Gjorgjevikj

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Ivan was born and raised in North Macedonia where he studied Management University. After his graduation, Ivan had a few experiences related to what he learned. He has been part of big international corporation companies for several years in the Middle East and Turkey, and now he is a team leader and expert in the Project Management and HR field offering consulting learning programs that can help all professionals. He has 3 years of demonstrated experience in the field with constant growing and exploring.

​He is also very passionate about how he is dealing with people in general. Ivan considers CLP as a vibrant experience to get the opportunity to meet people from all over the world yet from the same field but different experiences that will certainly bring high value to everyone who decides to be part of this learning path.

​His passion for people and management service – combined with an understanding of the program's best practises has contributed to numerous initiatives delivering exceptional results together with his consultancy team, he is constantly improving the way they operate and assisting with all tasks that need to be completed. This means helping with every step of your experience with the CLP.

​"Additionally, I would also love to extend my appreciation to the participating team, who added to the positive experience. I have certainly maximized the goals of the course and the importance of Human Resources analytics in a workforce. Following the skills and knowledge gained from this experience, I am confident to say that the course has not only added to my career development, but my knowledge will be incorporated into the workforce as well. Finally, well done to the team
and a very special thanks to Mr. Ivan Gjorgjevikj!"

- HR Data Analytics - Oman, HR Manager

​Ivan spent these 3 incredible years at Causal Capital and he is looking forward to adding to the incredible culture you already have at Causal Capital.

​He considers himself to be a dedicated individual who processes excellent communication skills. He feels that a relationship with the company or a team can be mutually beneficial.

​He would love to meet you and share with all of you his experience in the Project Management field through our newly designed CLP - Continuous Learning Path where you will be engaged throughout the all learning process in order to help you become a Project Management Expert.

Ivan Gjorgjevikj

Team Leader - Professional Development Advisory

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I'm a huge fan of the Italian Cousine.

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1917 & IT

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Mein Kampf


Powerlifting, Singing, Nights out

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"Do until your told not to do."

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