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Nina Sinadinovska


Professional Development Advisor

Nina Sinadinovska

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Nina Sinadinovska



Nina's journey was a testament to adaptability and unwavering determination. Armed with a degree in Agricultural Sciences and Food from the University of "Ss. Cyril and Methodius," her career took an unexpected turn towards the dynamic world of Creator Sales.

In her previous role, Nina thrived as she helped clients ranging from startups to enterprises in the Creator Economy and Influencer Marketing sector. She crafted persuasive cold emails, engaging with creators and influencers, and devising strategies for customer acquisition.

Her skills were diverse, from English proficiency to dynamic communication, relentless positivity, and digital savvy. This journey eventually led her to Causal Capital Macedonia, where she excelled as a Professional Development Advisor, combining her sales experience and relentless work ethic.

Nina's ability to listen actively, tell compelling stories, and think critically set her apart. Her career illustrated that adaptability and preparation could lead to greatness in our ever-evolving professional landscape.

Feel free to contact her and inform yourself regarding CLP in general and its wide range of specialized work.

Nina Sinadinovska

Professional Development Advisor

+44 20 8638 8948

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Back to the future

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Anxious People


Reading books, playing board games

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Think before you speak. Read before you think. – Fran Lebowitz

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