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Velimir Arsov


Team Leader - Professional Development Advisor

Velimir Arsov

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Velimir Arsov



Velimir has stepped up to the task to fulfil every need of our client's requirements to realize their full potential. As a former employee in the Public Revenue Office, Velimir has the experience in managing finance.

In our team, Velimir is working as a Senior Professional Development Advisor for our Audit Program and can handle every client's need in the topics that they want, from assessing controls and framing and stratifying audit data, to benchmarking audits. So that at the end of the Audit Program you as a client finish with the knowledge to handle the task that you came across on your professional path.

As an experienced project manager on the international IPA 2 project, Velimir has the knowledge of what could be the needs and expectations of the manager and the team that he/she leads. Becoming the best in your career means day-to-day development, investing in yourself and your future, and making your company the best in the business.

Velimir Arsov

Team Leader - Professional Development Advisor

+44 20 8638 5394

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The secret


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The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

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