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Drive Better Decisions with Accurate Financial Analysis Model

Certified Budgeting, Optimisation and Forecasting

3 Day course on Financial Modelling using Exel!

3 Day Technical course in Riyadh, you'll benefit from mastering budgeting and forecasting models and the theory behind them with our session bundle on Financial Modelling. Build on your existing modelling skills and apply new techniques to better analyse financial data, predict revenues & cost. 
Learn how to prepare forecast and budget & difference between planning budgeting and forecasting.

This course will be taught using a combination of formal instruction, combined with practical and interactive exercises and case studies used to reinforce the concepts taught in each section of the course.


*This program is crafted to give you an edge in career advancement; earn your professional certification with London School of Business and Finance.



  • Insights into defining the “uncertainties” that affect companies’ ability to produce accurate budgets, and quantify this with stress-testing, what-if and scenario analysis techniques.

  • Understand the budget planning process, preparation, review an control.

  • Discover and leverage on the different types of budgeting techniques that can be used in organisations.

  • Understand how to build budgets for the “real world”, allowing for flexibility and future change.

  • Streamline budget financial model building by applying best practice functions, tools and techniques.

Learning Outcomes

  • Structure financial models to be more efficient and flexible for continuous maintenance and future expansion.

  • Application of effective simulation techniques to examine the risk of a project.

  • Create Forecast Models based on real-world Financial Modelling challenges.

  • Incorporate current uncertainties into the model in order to take more calculated risks and make more informed business decisions.

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Djordje Damnjanovic

Djordje Damnjanovic

Interested in gaining tools to execute your role better?
Please ask Djordje for a brochure.

Certified Budgeting, Optimisation and Forecasting brochure

13 March 2023 in Riyadh

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