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Business Continuity Manager

Designed to focus directly on applying ISO 22301 Business Continuity Standard!

This is not your typical BCM course!

Causal Capital takes and enhances Best Practices from the global ISO 22301 Standard to certify delegates as leading Business Continuity Managers through the London School of Business and Finance. This masterclass is not only hands on and practical, we expect our certified delegates to go beyond other standards institutes offering global training programs.

Learning Outcomes

●    Review ISO 22301 implementation front to back with real life examples
●    Understand the challenges & find solutions for BCP activities
●    Become and expert advisor in cost modelling, forecasting & resource needs
●    Learn how to quantitatively identify key BCP impacts
●    Build up a checklist of what should be in place for recovery point objective

●    Review how to audit BCP procedures scripts developed and stepped

Winning Factors

●    Post workshop support
●    Material in soft format with reading materials
●    BCP Templates are explained & handed over
●    Includes the BCM assessment techniques
●    Real life BCP scenarios are developed

●    Store the BCP checklist in a database that is
handed over
●    Finish up with a complete BCM framework which can be applied directly to your workplace once the program is complete

●    Become a Certified Business Continuity Management Expert

Business Continuity Manager

This is an interactive and hands on masterclass which leads participants through the process of building a framework to meet the complex
requirements for business continuity planning. This workshop also demonstrates and hands over the quantitative models, checklists that make for
a best practice risk solution.

Certified by


Delegates who pass both the examination and practical assessment criteria will receive certification from the

London School of Business & Finance.

Djordje Damnjanovic

Djordje Damnjanovic

Interested in gaining tools to execute your role better?
Please ask Djordje for a brochure.

BCM Brochure

10 June 2024 in Dubai

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