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Chief Audit Executive

This course has been designed to help each Senior Auditor Step up,
it gives them the leadership, planning, vision and communication 
skills they will require to manage the internal audit department. 

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Next Session Begins

CAE Starts 26 February 2024 for 4 days - LIVE United Arab Emirates - Dubai

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding how to assess the maturity of an internal audit department

  • Learn how to create a roadmap for the internal audit department's growth and development

  • Best practices on how to shape the internal audit department at a people, system, and achievement level

  • Assessing and harmonizing your management approach with your leadership style as a CAE

  • Effectively selling internal audit visions to senior management

  • Developing a communication plan to gain buy-in from senior executives

  • Assessing audit team capabilities, succession planning, and skills development

  • Developing crisis management skills and turning crises into opportunities for transformation

  • Understanding the role of data analytics in internal audit and managing its development

  • Balancing situational challenges faced by internal auditors using critical thinking approaches


Who Sholuld Attend?


Course Schedule

Day 1.

Internal Audit Maturity Assessment, how to develop a roadmap for internal audit

  • How CIA's shape Audit

  • CAE Project Case Studies

  • Winning CAE Factors

  • Maturity Assessment

  • Roadmap Vision

  • IA Vision & Roadmap

Day 2.

Internal Audit Leading, Negotiating, Communicating & Selling

  • Your Leadership Style

  • How to sell visions

  • Communication Scenario Plans

  • Balanced Audit Teams

  • Functional Audit Coverage

  • Scoring Audit Projects

Day 3.

Internal Audit Transformation & Crisis Management & Governance

  • Crisis Management for IA

  • IA Problem Analyzer

  • IA Business Process Analysis

  • Internal Audit Innovation

  • Governance Framework for

  • Data Analytics for Internal

Day 4.

Problem Solving Critical Thinking Skills for Auditors & Leadership

  • Critical Thinking for Auditors

  • Finance Integration

  • CAE Tone at the Top

  • Guiding Internal Auditors

  • Mentoring Auditors

  • CAE Decision Making


This highly practical and above the academic training is Ideal and specially designed for

  • Senior (Internal) Auditor

  • Audit Manager

  • Assistant Manager in Audit 

  • Internal Audit Director

  • Chief Internal Auditor

  • Chief Audit Executive

  • Certified Internal Auditors (CIA designation)

Lifetime access to learning portals

You become LSBF Certified

Conference in Dubai

Bring your special project

32 NASBA CPE Credits

Camille is a senior trainer, He has a mix of academical and professional back-ground. His professional background allows him to keep abreast of the latest evolution in the ever-changing business world. He can use his experience as a leverage by sharing real professional experiences during his lectures, for the benefit of his audience

Camille Rebeiz

Anti-Fraud | Auditor | Consultant | Trainer | CIA | CFE


You will become a Certified Chief Audit Executive, gain lifetime access to a huge reading library of case studies.

You will also be able to bring your audit work to the sessions for an in-classroom technical solution.

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