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Conscientious. Open Minded. Internal locus of control.



Done Donev

Professional Development Advisor - HR

Done has a hands on attitude when it comes to work and collaboration. As the newest member in our team, what he lacks in experience, he covers with his go at it growth mindset and the relentless pursuit in achieving his ideal self.


"I am excited to be a part of the CLP Life project. The metacognitive approach this course brings gives me the chills"


His role as a Professional Development Advisor at Causal Capital is to provide care and uninterrupted attention towards your learning path.

Customized and tailored to the end goal of one day, sharing his achievement in shaping our ideal selves by the means of consciously exploring the life we are meant to live. 

Done will be excited to support you with your training requirements! Feel free to contact him for any further information regarding our CLP Life project.

+44 20 7193 0276

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Favorite Food: Everything related to melted cheese and bacon.

Favorite Movie: The Sunset Limited

Favorite Book: Never Split the Difference

Hobbies: Board Games, Reading, Biking, Drawing.

Favorite Quote: “Opportunities multiply as they are seized.”

A Journey of Learning Tailored Just for You

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