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Emir Demirovic

Professional Development Advisor - Risk

Ductus exemplo or lead by example is the motto that has driven Emir as a person during his life journey so far. 

Emir is a lifelong entrepreneur and one of the world's most sought experts as a Professional Development Advisor with a huge experience in the field of Risk Management. 

By using his specific academic background, the self-discipline, analytical skills as well as the network that he has set up in his previous experience with a sprinkle of passion, Emir as one of the coordinators in the Risk Management, how joined our company late in 2019 has set up a standard on how to lead by an example.

By studying and applying the principles of Causal Capital, Emir can help you in creating and developing a specific training plan and execute it on the highest level as a professional starting from Risk and Audit and finishing with Project Management and Human Resources. 

Do not hesitate to contact Emir for any information regarding the CLP and the development of your training path. 

+44 20 3575 1034

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Favorite Food: Street style Boorek

Favorite Movie: The Big Short

Favorite Book: The Art of War

Hobbies: Reading, Going to the gym, Shooting sports.

Favorite Quote: ''Ductus exempo.''

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