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Welcome to our Continuous Learning Path where you can become a Business Strategist in Audit through our interactive online system and then attend the masterclass session later on in the year.

You get the best of both worlds !!!

Learn online now, become an expert + attend a masterclass later in the year & share your knowledge with other leading practitioners.

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19th October 2020 for 24 Days 

Technical Summary

Leading techniques and practices for auditing business strategy and commercial models. This takes in the entire value chain of strategy from Research, Business Model Design, Incentivization, Financial Engineering, Implementation, Contracts, Performance, Reinvestment, Divesture and Closure.


Auditors will become expert at assessing the risks and decisions that are made at a strategic level. The scope of this training will not only review Strategic Performance and Risk Control but Strategic Governance, Decision-Making effectiveness and Compliance.

Ideal for Learning Travellers

  • All auditors can benefit

  • Auditors looking to lift their experience levels

  • Senior Auditors moving to the next level


BSA01 |Types of Strategic Audits
BSA02 | Strategic Audit Universe & Plan
BSA03 | Roles, Reach & Audit Scope
BSA04 | Strategy Audit Benchmarks
BSA05 | Score Card for Strategy Audits
BSA06 | Continuous Strategic Audits

Strategic Audit Framework

BSA07 | Assessing Business Model Rational
BSA08 | Fit for purpose Strategy Audit Test
BSA09 | Strategic Risk Assessment
BSA10 | Contract, Compliance, CTP Risk
BSA11 | Concentration & Conflict Interest
BSA12 | Auditing Financial Assessments

Strategy Assessment

BSA13 | Strategic Governance & Oversight
BSA14 | Limit & Exception Handling
BSA15 | Audit Supply Chain Compliance
BSA16 | Audit Stakeholder Review
BSA17 | Audit Reinvest, Divest, Optionality
BSA18 | Audit Strategy Reports

Auditing Strategy Deployment

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