Certified Fraud Specialist 

Become a Certified Fraud Specialist in a hands on masterclass

Welcome to our Continuous Learning Path where you can become a Fraud Specialist expert through our interactive online system and then attend the masterclass session later on in the year.

You get the best of both worlds !!!

Learn online now, become an expert + attend a masterclass later in the year & share your knowledge with other leading practitioners.

Lifetime access to learning portals

You become LSBF Certified

Special Covid-19 Discount

Learn Online + Conference

Bring your special project

CFS Starts 15 March 2021 for 18 days 

Ideal for Learning Travelers

The CFS.CLP will take fraud managers and auditors through the leading frameworks & best practices for managing fraud into the expert modelling solutions.


This is a hands-on masterclass that explores new ways to identify fraud incidents using AI models but also learners will gain direct insight into how identify & treat fraud control weaknesses.

  • Fraud Managers

  • Auditors

  • control Staff

  • Compliance Teams

  • Business Analysts

  • RM Managers

Frameworks for Fraud

CFS01 | Framework for Fraud Assessment

CFS02 | Regulations on Authenticity

CFS03 | Forensic Fraud Taxonomy

CFS04 | Culture, Corruption 37001 18564

CFS05 | Fraud Incident Management

CFS06 | Develop Policy to fight Fraud

Fraud Control & Surveillance

CFS07 | Effective Fraud Control

CFS08 | Control Gaming Exploitation

CFS09 | Front Office Window Dressing

CFS10 | Practices for Due Diligence

CFS11| Key Drivers to identify fraud

CFS12| KRIs for Fraud Budgets

Fraud Reporting Models & Cases

CFS13 | Total Crime Coverage

CFS14 | Cyber Fraud & Security

CFS15 | Causal Factor Analysis

CFS16 | Fraud Control Scoring

CFS17 | Fighting Internal Fraud

CFS18 | Methods for Auditing Fraud

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