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Credit Risk Specialist

Step through the best practices of Credit Assessment from Financial Statements, learn how to develop a set of Credit Ratios, become an expert at detecting Window Dressing threats and use the latest AI tools to assess Credit Factors that impact a portfolio of contracts.

​From Credit Scoring through to Assessing the Project Finance Credit Risk is all covered in this hands-on certified course. Models will be shared + lifetime access to the portal.

Covid Credit Risk Content

This masterclass will do deep dive credit risk scenario assessment based around the potential impacts to lenders & investors from long term changes to economic conditions, interest rates, sector concentrated default rates. Impacts to Credit Risk discussed in detail.


Martin Davies

Risk Framework Architect 

Martin is a risk framework architect who designs risk measurement systems for auditors and risk managers working in trading firms,energy houses, manufacturing companies, and financial institutions. He has more than twenty years of experience developing bespoke risk reporting and scorecard assessment solutions with a particular focus on operational audit, IT, finance and the transactional aspects of a business.

Edward Bodmer

Finance Professor

Edward Bodmer provides financial and economic consulting services to a variety of clients, he teaches professional development courses in an assortment of modelling topics (project finance, M&A, and energy).

He is passionate about teaching in Africa, South America, Asia, and Europe.

Marija & Bojana

your account managers

Marija & Bojana with their knowledge in Risk Management and the experience as a Consultants will help you improve your career development and will guide you during the whole CLP journey.


CRS Starts 27 September 2021 for 12 Days 

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