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Enterprise Risk in Oil & Gas 
Become a Certified Enterprise Risk Manager for Oil & Gas

Welcome to our Continuous Learning Path where you can become a Enterprise Risk Management Expert for Oil & Gas through our interactive online system and then attend the masterclass session later on in the year.

You get the best of both worlds !!!

Learn online now, become an expert + attend a masterclass later in the year & share your knowledge with other leading practitioners.

Lifetime access to learning portals

You become LSBF Certified

Special Covid-19 Discount

Learn Online + Conference

Bring your special project

Next Session Begins

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Risk Assessment & Treatment

MOG07 | Micro Level Root Cause Analysis

MOG08 | Risk Control Assessment + Score

MOG09 | Operations Failure Mode Analysis

MOG10 | Complete Key Risk Indicators

MOG11 | Bowtie, BCP & Disaster Response

MOG12 | 31010 Sneak Circuit Fault Tree

Risk Quantification Models

MOG13 | Downstream Business Strategy

MOG14 | Market Risk Business Models

MOG15 | Risk Factor Analysis & PCA

MOG16 | Case Study Project Risk + Bayes

MOG17 | Parametric Risk models + MC

MOG18 | Upstream Real Options Model

Ideal for Learning Travellers

This is a balanced learning initiative for Enterprise Risk Managers from the Oil & Gas that will take them on a learning journey that covers the foundations in risk frameworks through to deep dive risk models.

This is an exciting masterclass that is easy to follow, all the models are supplied, you will be stepped through concepts & shown real life case studies.

  • Chief Risk Officers

  • Risk Managers

  • Quality Control & Maintenance

  • Project Managers

  • Internal Auditors

  • Compliance Teams 

  • Operations Teams

  • Safety & Control

Oil & Gas Risk Centres

MOG01 | O&G Taxonomy Gov Model

MOG02 | O&G ERM Database

MOG03 | O&G Risk Silos & Practices

MOG04 | Safety, IM, CM & Quality Control 

MOG05 | Risk Standards ISO 31000, COSO

MOG06 | ERM Dashboard Reports & Policy

Enterprise Risk Manager for Oil & Gas

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