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Finance for Non Finance

Hand's on FNF
Finance for Non-Finance goes digital

Welcome to our Continuous Learning Path where you can become totally grounded with all things finance while learning Excel Modeling in an expert easy to follow masterclass.

You get the best of both worlds ~ digital + live.

Learn online now, become an expert + attend a masterclass later in the year & share your knowledge with other leading practitioners in Causal Capital's live sessions.

Lifetime access to learning portals

You have one-on-one guidance

Special Covid-19 Discount

Learn Online + Conference

Bring your special project

Next Session Begins

FNF Starts NOT soon enough ... speak to Milan

Ideal for Learning Travellers

The FNF masterclass is a learning opportunity that will take you beyond the foundations of business & financial modelling using Excel. It really is a fun hands on course.

You will build reports, learn finance, develop forecasting models, build budgets, create analysis for products and master all these tools in Excel & in a hands-on learning manner. Basically you will Learn Finance & Excel !!!

  • ​Business Analysts

  • Finance Managers & Staff

  • Operations Units

  • Product Strategists

  • Sales & Marketing People

  • Data Analysts

  • Finance Newbies

Applied Finance Foundations

FMF01 | Roles, Remits & Financial Terms

FMF02 | Working Capital, Assets, Cash Flow

FMF03 | TVM (PV, NPV, IRR) with examples

FMF04 | Cost of Capital, WACC & Valuation

FMF05 | Case Study on Sensitivity in Excel

FMF06 | Break Even in Tables + Scenarios

Financial Reporting

FMF07 | Read Financial Statements

FMF08 | KPIs in Finance + Dupont Example

FMF09 | Cash Flow Analysis & Solvency

FMF10 | Pivot Tables in Financial Reports 

FMF11| Developing a Finance Dashboard

FMF12| Finance Due Diligence Assessment 

Budgets, Planning & Decisions

FMF13 | Types of costs explained

FMF14 | Job Costing & ABC Costing Case Study

FMF15 | Developing Participative Budgets

FMF16 | Decision Tress & Finance Appetites

FMF17 | Pricing for Products + Term Sheet

FMF18 | Financial Models of Supply Chains

Finance for Non Finance

If you are interested in this course please reach out to Milan to organise a session

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