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Welcome to our Continuous Learning Path where you can become a Product Management Expert expert through our interactive online system and then attend the masterclass session later on in the year.

You get the best of both worlds !!!

Learn online now, become an expert + attend a masterclass later in the year & share your knowledge with other leading practitioners.

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Product Management Starts 14 December 2020 for 13 Days 

Ideal for Learning Travellers

Gain deep insight into the value chain of product design, alignment, budgeting and sales & marketing with a specific focus on business modelling. You will become a rounded product manager capable of assessing opportunities & risks that impact a product.

  • Strategists

  • Product Managers

  • Risk Managers

  • Sales Managers

  • Business Heads

  • Finance Managers

  • Business Marketing


Product Management Framework

ST01 | Enterprise Product Framework
ST02 | Roles & Responsibilities
ST03 | Identifying Success Factors
ST04 | Product Life-cycles & Utility
ST05 | Governance & Performance
ST06 | Opportunities & Rev Channels​

Agile Product Management

ST13| Product Quality Management
ST14 | Cost, Quality, Time Planning
ST15 | Phase Level Product Design
ST16 | Task Level Development
ST17 | Timeline Planning & Critical Path
ST18 | Delivery, Burn Downs & SPrints + Usability Testing Approaches​

Research & Product Planning

ST07 | Product Plan Sales Forecasting
ST08 | Financial Budgeting for PMs
ST09 | Needs Analysis & Alignment
ST10 | Pricing, Branding & Discounting
ST11 | Developing KPIs for Products
ST12 | Building Go Market Strategies​

Winning Sales Strategies

ST19 | Copyediting for Product Design
ST20 | Product Requirements Alignment
ST21 | Develop Product Pitch Books
ST22 | Handling Customer Objections
ST23 | Client Account Incentives
ST24 | Assessment Case Study on Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

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