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Nadica Gorgieva

Professional Development Advisor - Digital

Nadica has graduated from the University of American College in the finance department, but her passion for Marketing has arisen in her early stage of education. Therefore she has constantly educated herself into the digital marketing area with numerous courses and academies. 


Thanks to the knowledge that she is gaining during the years she is capable of offering consultation on the latest marketing trends and demands that all business professionals will need in order to enhance their current skills and capabilities. 


She has been working with Causal Capital for two years and her overall experience is demonstrated in assisting the clients' needs and demands. Nadica can assist you in the design, implementation and evaluation of the professional and career development program in your company.


Above all she is marketing savvy and a very detail-oriented person, that strives towards perfection in every task to be completed successfully and in time. 


Nadica will be excited to support you with your training requirements! Feel free to contact her for any further information regarding our CLP set of products in general.

+44 20 8638 5394


Favorite Food: Sushi & Seafood

Favorite Movie: A Beautiful Mind

Favorite Book: The Alchemist

Hobbies: Volleyball, Running, Swimming

Favorite Quote: "Less is More"

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