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Project Finance Specialist 

Become a Certified Project Finance Specialist

Learn a little bit each day through this Continuous Learning Live Masterclass and explore some of the latest modelling and valuation techniques in Project Finance.

Cases for Construction, Renewable Energy, Public-Private Partnerships, Leverage Buyouts, Syndications.

Learn online but live and receive a lifetime access to the learning portal.

Bring your special project

Lifetime access to learning portals

You become LSBF Certified

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Learn Online + Conference

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Many delegates bring their own model problems to the course to develop a guided solution.

The masterclass covers a huge scope taking in Risk Management, Valuation Models & Sensitivity Testing, develops Pitch Books, and strategically enables your approach to Project Finance so that you improve your chances for success.

Ideal for Learning Travellers

  • Project Finance Analysts​

  • Project Finance Managers

  • Structured Finance

  • Financial Analysts

  • Syndications

  • Finance Infrastructure

Course Schedule

Block 1 | Theory of Project Finance

Project Finance Structures
Methods for Raising Capital
Syndications & Debt Markets
Deal Structuring
BOT, LBO, MBO, Merger Strategies
SPVs, Agencies, Sponsors, Subordination
The Pitch Book

Best practice Project Finance Framework with deep dives into how to structure different types of deals from syndications to leveraged buyouts.

Block 2 | Valuation Principles

DCF Valuation Case Study
Project Finance Cash Forecasting
Benchmarking WACC
Sensitivity Analysis & KPIs
Real Options in Project Finance

Step through different types of valuation models, perform sensitivity analysis and testing business assumptions with ease.

Block 3 | Project Finance Risk Management

Limited Recourse Transactions
Model Risk & Testing Constraints
Project Finance Risk Universe
Measuring Credit Risk
Due Diligence
Deal Structuring for Lower Risk

Learn how to assess and transfer risk in project finance, best practices in due diligence & design for minimum recourse.

Your Learning Path

PFS Road Map

Become a Certified Project Finance Specialist with the London School of Business & Finance + gain access to a huge library of case studies, sensitivity and valuation models on the Causal Capital learning portals.

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