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Signing Up What's Next

Updated: May 17, 2021

I have signed up for a Continuous Learning Path what happens next?

If you sign up early, this is really good news because you confirm your place in the sessions, you also gain access to the SMEs and their materials!

We have to limit the numbers on each CLP to ensure that every learner receives the best care and focus from our Subject Matter Experts. If there are too many participants in a learning session, we won't be able to focus on your direct needs in the same way

Early Sign Up Benefits:

  1. Gain access to the reading portals early

  2. Have many one-on-one sessions with the Subject Matter Expert

  3. We have time to understand your interests & to insert new content

  4. We start you off on your Special Project ahead of time

It's the best to sign up early, we get to explore our Special Projects and read up ahead of time. This maximizes the quality of our learning experience.

Risk Manager | Saudi Arabian Bank

CLP Member Process

To help you appreciate what happens when you become a CLP member, we have pulled together this small video.

Cash Back

Is it true that I receive USD $160 for each person who buys a CLP after I have recommended the service to them?

Yes that is correct and there is no limit to the amount you can receive by recommending the Continuous Learning Path system.

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