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Updated: Feb 1

I have signed up to become a CLP.CLUB Member what happens now?

Well this is incredible news and there is no deal like it anywhere on the training market. This is what we have in store for you:

Your Benefits

[1] Receive Lifetime access to portals available or released in 2021

You will be given lifetime access to all portals that are listed on the Exclusive Club Page. Please note that access is granted in a staggered manner throughout the year as masterclasses become available.

You will always be able to access any information portal that you are signed up on through the Exclusive Club Page.

[2] You can attend any of our live 2021 programs free

Dive into any course we run in 2021 as you wish or not, it's up to you. There is no cost to you either way and if you don't have access to a specific information portal, just contact Tanja, and she will help you sign up.

[3] Become LSBF Certified

Each course listed on the Exclusive Club Page comes with optional certification from the London School of Business and Finance for a nominal administrative fee of only USD 250 per course. All you have to do is step through the exercises and LSBF Exam Questions on each session page.

[4] Getting Insight & Guidance

If at any time you need technical help on any program we offer, just reach out and touch base with our in-house polymath, Martin Davies.

Over the coming year ahead, we are going to be releasing some interesting content through a diverse range of Subject Matter Experts, and I am sure you will find their work will enlighten your world with new perspectives.

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