Why CLP.LIFE matters

The Learning & Development industry has been up for disruption for several years now, and while there have been some early success models which the Khan Academy is recognised for, many other companies like Lynda Training have struggled to pull together content that gels.

Where things go wrong is by looking at online learning as nothing more than traditional training delivered online, it's such a FAIL !!!

You can't just take typical content that is presented in a conference room or worse a classroom and squeeze those slides into an online delivery session because it encourages the facilitator to lecture a pool of passive observers.

Passive Observation

Passive observation alone will not translate to successful knowledge transfer when most people learn by doing rather than watching. Additionally, it becomes monotonous and boring.

Online Training Failings

To list the problems of typical online training is a worthy exercise because at CLP.LIFE we endeavour not to make these mistakes. » Thau shall not lecture the audience.

» Teaching with Microsoft Powerpoint alone is a fail. » Training needs to be engaging, interactive and an active experience where a community of people come together.

» Learning is a journey for the learner, not for the teacher. It's an individual experience that panders to the interests of those seeking knowledge.

CLP.LIFE does it differently

So what do we do differently at CLP.LIFE?

We make our knowledge transfer experience that individual journey.

If you want to teach people, make them teachers

Martin Davies | Causal Capital

Online sessions are split between passive, active, interactive and project work — additionally, all of our CLP.LIFE programs include a live session at some point in the learning journey, AND we don't teach people, we guide people to become complete and so comfortable with the subject matter they are learning that they themselves become teachers.

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