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Everyone's learning journey is different

Create impactful and relevant learning paths to achieve the outcomes you want

Learning Streams



Unlike passive learning, with CLP you step into a learning path that will carry you to success. You choose your destination and Causal Capital will guide you on that learning journey.



Continuous Learning isn't conference based, it isn't a single event but a path you follow over a period of time to gather the teachings you need to become an expert. 

Support Commercial Projects

This style of learning helps support commercial projects, can be applied to your work and allow you

to advance various initiatives you have going on in the office. 

Our Masterclasses in 2021:


All Masterclasses

All Masterclasses

Everyone’s learning journey is different.
Create impactful and relevant learning paths to achieve the outcomes you want.

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Causal Capital is offering Club Membership for one year



Tariq Alsaidi, MPhil


Chain Strategy

I am attending one of the courses managed by Causal Capital and simply put it is one of the most beneficial education I have attended, and I have attended many around the globe. I am confident this course will help to take any executive to their next level in their career.


Ahmad Ibraheem AlGhamdi

QHSE Director at Saudi Public Transport Company - SAPTCO

Attending the training course was the best thing I did so far. It helps me solving and understanding so many issues. I find it very useful The materials and the lecture were so informative, beside sharing the informations with other experts and get to know their feedback was an added value to me.

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Dr. Soodesh Beegun

Head of AML and

Operational Risk /DPO

The virtual sessions were good and the delivery more oriented to practical examples Martin has gone through. The course management was excellent with the portal interaction for materials and scripts to be run. Thank you very much for enrolling me though at initial stage was a bit hesitant.

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