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Abdulhameid Grandoka

Abdulhameid Grandoka

UX Design Specialist, Trainer & Consultant
UX Design Specialist, Trainer & Consultant



Abdulhameid is one of those professionals who can bring wisely great solutions and ideas to different companies among other rivals, he can provide a very high quality of work without a need to ask for that.

If you want to get a chance to explore new directions, unique, knowledge experiences, have User Interface / User Experience Designer or Supervisory roles you should start seeing him as a pioneer in his field.

Worked in different entities regionally and worldwide with the following roles: UX Consultant, UX Manager, UX Trainer, UX Design Specialist, UX Designer, Senior UX Designer, UX Design Lead, UX Mentor, and Design Thinking Facilitator

Experienced in Polymer & Material Design. Specialized in eCommerce and Content businesses. Every human in this universe has a unique face. Websites too have unique faces. He has created unique faces for websites and mobile apps through multi-channels starting from discovering phase which covers research, evaluation, and generation of ideas, the design phase yields the interactions and visual aesthetic that shape the experience and the deploy phase which contains redesign experience!

As a UX Manager, he knows how to lead and inspire the team about the latest trends of creativity and design.

​The process of his work includes design thinking, user research, user interviews, creating personas, competitive analysis, creating wireframes, creating prototypes, and creating UX design which matches the design system. Creating presentations, process Improvement, user flows, strategy, business development, problem-Solving, and managing the team.

Winning Factors 

● User Experience Consultant
● User Experience Manager
● User Experience Specialist
● User Experience
● Designer
● Instructor

Specialist Areas:

● Wireframing

● User Journeys

● Visual Design

● Human-Computer Interaction

● Widgets, UX Research

● Marketing

● Presentation Skills

● Process Improvement

● User Interviews

● User Flows, Research

● User Stories

● Usability Testing

● User-centered Design

● User Experience Design

● User Interface Design

● E-commerce

● Information Architecture

● Strategy

● Project Management

 Learning Sessions

Product Management

Project Management

Strategy Analysis

Strategy Thinking and Planning

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Abdulhameid Grandoka

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