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Mladenka Vuchkova


Chief Strategy & Operations Officer

Mladenka Vuchkova

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Broad-minded. Results-Driven. Analytical.

Mladenka Vuchkova



Mladenka has been with Causal Capital since 2017. Her previous experience in education and businesses and her extensive academic background was an ideal foundation for her current work as a Professional Business Advisor.

​"Mladenka is an analytical and conceptual thinker who effectively partners with top managers to assess opportunities, facilitate strategic decisions and drive successful implementation."

​Her skill to assess complex situations and to identify appropriate solutions underscores her ability in gaining a complete understanding of your training needs. She has great empathy, is known to be deeply responsive and her clients appreciate the care she applies to their work.

​After successfully coordinating and supporting training projects in Audit, Risk Management, Human Resources and Project Management, she has become the Head of Learning and Development solutions in Causal Capital. She has great enthusiasm and continues to demonstrate exceptional results leading the professional development advisory unit. Her dedication to detailed orientated work helps her achieve continued success and high quality outputs for the advisory unit. A great part of her responsibilities includes conducting market research, analysis and designing project plans that enable the teams to outperform.

​Mladenka will be excited to support you with your training requirements! Feel free to contact her for any further information regarding our CLP in general.

Mladenka Vuchkova

Chief Strategy & Operations Officer

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Fresh salads, Italian Cuisine

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The Shawshank Redemption

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The Fountainhead


Yoga, Reading, Road Trips, Dancing, Jogging

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“Never underestimate the power of circumstances.”

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