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There are six learning streams designed to unlock knowledge in your career and in your organisation. Our Learning Streams have been designed to help you not only master subject matter, but to become rounded in the way you approach commercial solution development. 

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                HR Stream

You will become a certified HR Data Analyst in this active hands-on Continuous Learning Program that mixes live content, videos & project learning. If you want to build Human Resource Reporting Solutions, we will help you do that while you sit at your office desk.

At the end of this Continuous Learning Path you will become a certified HR Data Expert. You also receive lifetime access to the Learning Portal and will be able to work on a personal HR Data Project in your office.



                Risk Stream

Causal Capital is a global leader in developing educational content for a broad spectrum of risk management deep-dive topics taking in Market, Credit & Operational Risk.


Many of our courses are localised to meet the best practices in Oil & Gas, Banking, Telecommunications, Government, Utilities, Aviation, Manufacturing and much more.

Today we are proud to open up the Risk Stream with our famous ORP.clp Practitioner class.



         Finance Stream

The FEM masterclass is a learning that will take you from the foundations and into the advanced level of business financial modelling in Excel. You will build reports, learn finance, become strong at developing comprehensive forecasting models, perform sensitivity analysis and master all these tools in Excel an using hands-on learning easy to follow methods.


Become a Certified Finance & Excel Modeler and learn how to develop various reports & models that will allow you to study business dynamics, risk, uncertainty, product & resource success factors.


                Audit Stream

The Audit stream takes you through a complete but unique learning path for your audit career no matter which route you choose. There are different levels of knowledge in a wide range varied topics. Learn how to rank risk, assess controls, build an audit scorecards and reports, frame and stratify audit data, benchmark audits and become an expert at sampling or testing audit hypothesis.

There are various modules across various streamt of knowledge for the new and seasoned auditor.

Start your Audit learning path today.



Project Management

Causal Capital is excited to be working with the AIPMO project management body to bring you best practices in project management expertise.

25 IPMO-S1 courses will eventually be offered that will allow project and program managers to design their own certifiable learning journey.

Today we are opening up a new CLP for Project Managers who want to gain access to a wide range of applied best practice methodologies.



Product Management

The Product Management & Strategy sessions give you a deep insight into the value chains of product design / alignment, Forecasting & Budgeting, Sales & Marketing, all coupled with a deep focus on business modelling. You will become a well rounded product manager capable of assessing the opportunities & the risks that impact your product.

At the end of this course, you will be a certified Expert in product & strategy with this active hands-on Continuous Learning Program that mixes live content, videos & project learning.

Strategy Guru

» Identify business opportunities

» Best Practices to engineer solutions

» Competitive Analysis Case Studies

» Product Positioning & Pricing Methods

» Product Test & Sensitivity Analysis

» Sales Plans & Go Market Strategies



Digital Marketing

A hands-on masterclass that will take marketeers through the ins and outs of Digital Marketing. You will become an expert in researching a market, canvassing and developing promotional materials. Learn how to conceptualise business ideas and promote them electronically. From Surveying to Data Analytics, you will become an expert in this field of work.

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