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RBA Continuity and Stress Tests

Become a Certified RBA Stress Testing Auditor

Welcome to our Continuous Learning Path where you can become a lead auditor for assessing BCP and Stress Testing frameworks in your business. The learning is delivered to expert auditors who are wanting to expand their skills into these relatively detailed areas of audit.

Lifetime access to learning portals

You become LSBF Certified

Learn Online + Conference

Bring your special project

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BCST inhouse available only
available per request 

You will be able to use our interactive online system to read about the latest practices, join the live sessions.

Auditors will become Certified BCP Stress Testing Auditors

Ideal for Learning Travellers

  • Risk Based Auditors​

  • Senior Auditors

  • Team Leads

  • Control Teams

  • Risk Management Units

Course Schedule

Block 1 | BCST Framework

  • Audit Universe for Stress Testing

  • Risk based Audit Extension

  • Audit Roles & Responsibilities

  • Tail Risk Identification

  • Tail Risk Continuous Audit

  • RBA Testing Governance

Block 2 | Stress Testing

  • Stress Test Regulations 

  • Auditing New Products

  • Auditing Firm Wide Liquidity

  • Strategic Sensitivity Tests

  • FRTB New Audit Model

  • Scenario Analysis for Auditors

Block 3 | Business Continuity

  • BCP Best Practice Audit

  • Auditing Against ISO 22301

  • Audit Tests for BCP Effectiveness

  • Covid-19 Audit Case Study

  • Anti Fragile - Self Healing RM

  • BCP / Stress Test Audit Reports

BSP Framework

Best practice Business Continuity Stress Testing Framework with case studies from winning companies. Work with the best !!!

stress-testing bcst

Become an expert at auditing and performing scenario analysis at a strategic level. 

Bussiness contiunity bcst

Conclude with the last block with covering Covid-19 case studies and perfecting your BCP and Audit Report Writing skills. 

BCST Road Map

You will become a Certified BCP Stress Testing Auditor with this BCST.clp life training and master the skills of both developing and operating frameworks in your business.

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