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Business Continuity Planning Expert

Certified Business Continuity Planning Expert

The Benefits of Certified Business Continuity Management

With Certified Business Continuity Management, you can ensure that your business is prepared for any disaster. This can save you time, money, and resources in the event of a disaster. Additionally, Certified Business Continuity Management can help you protect the data and information that are essential to the functioning of your business.

  • How the jigsaw fits together: ISO 22301, ISO 27031, ISO 27032, ISO 22320 and BS 11400

  • Understand the potential challenges and when to refer to which standards

  • Appreciate how the role of the crisis management team interacts with each discipline

  • Recognising that multiple crises can and do happen simultaneously.

  • Awareness of the basic nexus between resilience, security and emerging technologies

  • Prioritising your response activities when threatened by a multi-faceted situation

  • Comparison of real life recovery success stories contrasted with major catastrophes

  • Discover the techniques that will help "avoid the avoidable"

  • Dealing with the emergency preparedness threat scenarios that exist in the workplace

Certified Business Continuity Planning Expert
Certified Business Continuity Planning Expert
Winning Factors:
  1. Post workshop support

  2. Material in soft and hard copy format

  3. All material prepared for this course can be re-branded and transferred to attendees

  4. All templates used in the course are explained & handed over

  5. Real life incident scenarios are examined and analysed in the class

  6. Your personal copy of the trainer's published books used during the course

  7. Quick reference prompt sheets for each of the disciplines taught to maximise the learning experience, the course will be highly interactive and include formal presentations, class discussions, videos, soundbites and group case studies

Course Schedule

Set 1.

ISO 22301 and the importance of the BCM Life Cycle

  • Importance of BCP

  • Overview of ISO 22301

  • Establishing Context

  • Roles and Responsibility in BCM

  • Case Study: Managing Your Documentation 

  • The BIA in Focus

  • Case study - Threat Analysis and Assessment Bottom up or Down?

  • BCM and Supply Chain

  • Preparing for your BCP: Turning the strategies into a plan 

Set 2.

Crisis Management: Looking at the Bigger Picture

  • What constitutes a crisis? 

  • The Core Concepts of Crisis Management 

  • Who is your crisis Management 'A' Team

  • Avoiding the Avoidable 

  • Crisis Communications: Get this wrong at your peril

  • Who exactly are your stakeholders

  • Managing a Crisis in a Parallel Universe

Set 3.

IT Failure and the Cyber Threat

  • Understand the "Black Box" called IT failure 

  • Survival or Extinction: When IT Disaster Recovery Really Matters 

  • If the Cloud is the answer, what was the question?

  • The cyber-Threat: How bad is it out there?

  • Generation five Computing: A bright new future

Set 4.

Emergency Preparedness:

Protecting your employees in the workplace

  • Case Study: It's not the usual regular Tuesday morning fire alarm test

  • Case Study-Active Shooter: "The Children instinctively dove under their desks"

  • Case Study " Eighty died from carbon monoxide poisoning while waiting for management instructions

  • To evacuate or not to evacuate - that is the question


This project has been designed in consultation with Mr. Yazeed Bin Gheshiyan

Lifetime access to learning portals

You become LSBF Certified

Inhouse Training 

Bring your special project

32 NASBA CPE Credits

Robert is a Business Continuity Consultant, published author, trainer and visiting university lecturer. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Business Continuity Management, a Fellow of the British Computer Society and a Member of the Security Institute. Much of his practical experience has been gained during the 28 years he spent working with IBM, Fujitsu and more recently with PwC Malta.

He has a Master of Science Degree in Business Continuity, Security and Emergency Management awarded by Bucks New University. He has frequently designed, created and delivered bespoke courses for commercial audiences covering: Crisis Management, All aspects of the Business Continuity lifecycle including Awareness Training for entire
organisations, ICT Disaster Recovery, Planning to prepare for the Pandemic Threat and Emergency Preparedness. (e.g. building evacuation, shelter-in-pace, terrorism, earthquakes etc.)

He also developed a Crisis Management module for a Master's degree programme for Edinburgh Napier University

Robert Clark

Business Continuity Consultant

Robert Clark

Getting certified in BCP is a great way to ensure that your organization is prepared for any kind of disruption.

A Business Continuity Planning certification provides a comprehensive overview of the risks associated with business disruption and how to best prepare for them.

Plus, it helps organizations develop plans that will help them get back up and running quickly after a disruption.

Ensure your business is ready for the unexpected

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