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Certified Business and Strategic Auditor

Leading techniques and practices for auditing business strategy and commercial models.

Business Strategic Auditors

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Learning Outcomes

  • Learn what's different about strategic audits and why they are important

  • Learn how a strategic audit lifts the auditor's profile

  • Strategic Audit Taxonomy Development

  • Complete Audit Universe for Corporate Strategy

  • Understand what needs to be captured for a continuous audit

  • Use a set of comprehensive methods to test the ethic and critical thinking under rationales and business logic

  • Understand Corporate Strategy KPIs & What's Important

  • Use proven techniques to identify strategic risks

  • Ensure strategies are compliant with existing policies & laws

  • Convert financial statements into performance indicators to test strategic outcomes

  • Develop a stakeholder map of benefits, costs, and risks

  • Review what should be included in a strategic audit report

Business Strategy Exercise
Strategy Exercise BSA

Ideal for Learning Travellers

  • All Auditors benefit from this program

  • Ideal for Audit Team Leads

  • New Auditors involved in planning or performing an internal audit

Course Schedule

Day 1.

Strategic Audit Framework

  • Types of Strategic Audits

  • Strategic Audit Universe & Plan

  • Roles, Reach & Audit Scope

  • Strategy Audit Benchmarks

  • Score Card for Strategy Audits

  • Continuous Strategic Audits

Day 2.

Strategy Assessment

  • Assessing Business Model Rational

  • Fit for purpose Strategy Audit Test

  • Strategic Risk Assessment

  • Contract, Compliance, CTP Risk

  • Assessing the Feasibility

  • Auditing Financial Assessments

Day 3.

Auditing Strategy Deployment

  • Strategic Governance & Oversight

  • Limit & Exception Handling

  • Audit Supply Chain Compliance

  • Audit Stakeholder Review

  • Audit Reinvest, Divest, Optionality

  • Audit Strategy Reports

Lifetime access to learning portals

You become LSBF Certified

Conference in Dubai

Bring your special project

24 NASBA CPE Credits

You will become a Certified Business and Strategic Auditor, gain lifetime access to a huge reading library of case studies.

You will also be able to bring your audit work to the sessions for an in-classroom technical solution.

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