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Certified Business and Strategic Auditor

Leading techniques and practices for auditing business strategy and commercial models.

Business Strategic Auditors

Next Sessions:

03 June 2024 for 3 days - LIVE  - Manama, Bahrain

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn what's different about strategic audits and why they are important

  • Learn how a strategic audit lifts the auditor's profile

  • Strategic Audit Taxonomy Development

  • Complete Audit Universe for Corporate Strategy

  • Understand what needs to be captured for a continuous audit

  • Use a set of comprehensive methods to test the ethic and critical thinking under rationales and business logic

  • Understand Corporate Strategy KPIs & What's Important

  • Use proven techniques to identify strategic risks

  • Ensure strategies are compliant with existing policies & laws

  • Convert financial statements into performance indicators to test strategic outcomes

  • Develop a stakeholder map of benefits, costs, and risks

  • Review what should be included in a strategic audit report

Business Strategy Exercise
Course Schedule

Day 1.

Strategic Audit Framework

  • Types of Strategic Audits

  • Strategic Audit Universe & Plan

  • Roles, Reach & Audit Scope

  • Strategy Audit Benchmarks

  • Score Card for Strategy Audits

  • Continuous Strategic Audits

Day 2.

Strategy Assessment

  • Assessing Business Model Rational

  • Fit for purpose Strategy Audit Test

  • Strategic Risk Assessment

  • Contract, Compliance, CTP Risk

  • Assessing the Feasibility

  • Auditing Financial Assessments

Day 3.

Auditing Strategy Deployment

  • Strategic Governance & Oversight

  • Limit & Exception Handling

  • Audit Supply Chain Compliance

  • Audit Stakeholder Review

  • Audit Reinvest, Divest, Optionality

  • Audit Strategy Reports

Strategy Exercise BSA

Ideal for Learning Travellers

  • All Auditors benefit from this program

  • Ideal for Audit Team Leads

  • New Auditors involved in planning or performing an internal audit

Lifetime access to learning portals

You become LSBF Certified

Conference in Dubai

Bring your special project

24 NASBA CPE Credits

You will become a Certified Business and Strategic Auditor, gain lifetime access to a huge reading library of case studies.

You will also be able to bring your audit work to the sessions for an in-classroom technical solution.

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