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Strategic Analysis
and Planning Expert 

Become an expert at creating strategies for success

This Strategic Analysis and Planning workshop is designed to develop the knowledge of managers and professionals so that they can become experts at formulating strategies, leverage metrics, meet deadlines, and develop new business models. Participants will learn how to use SWOT analysis in strategic planning, evaluate strategies and identify areas of improvement, describe how to recognize and mitigate the effect of cognitive bias, analyse how to use hierarchies and logic to make rational decisions and create benchmark measures for strategy.

Bring the best out of your strategy by understanding the right techniques.

Learning Outcomes

  • Go beyond the boundaries of typical strategy plans

  • Describe how to recognize and mitigate the effect of cognitive bias.

  • Analyse how to use hierarchies and logic to make rational decisions.

  • Good practices for creating a compelling vision

  • Compare the difference between deliberate strategies and organic growth.

  • Compare typical internal/external frameworks and how to use them.

  • Appraise methods of demand forecasting

  • Learn how to use SWOT analysis in strategic planning

  • Judge how to choose appropriate metrics to measure strategy

  • Differentiate between red and blue ocean markets

  • Create benchmarks and produce a gap analysis

  • Evaluate strategies and identify areas of improvement.

*This training program is accredited by NASBA (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy), which grants 24 CPE credits toward the ongoing professional development requirements specified by many state boards of accountancy that are required by law or regulation to maintain licensure as a certified public accountant (CPA).

*A professional certification by London School of Business and Finance gained through an exam, study materials and mentoring.

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12 June 2023 in Dubai (3-Day Workshop)


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