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Learn How To Manage Products

We teach product managers and people responsible for managing products and services to successfully deliver new products and services, to nimbly manage their businesses in every aspect of product management responsibilities.

The foundation for effective Product Management

Product Management is the interdisciplinary field of study concerned with the process of creating and delivering products within an organization. It brings together many different roles including marketing, design, software development and management. This course transfers that knowledge in a hands-on easy-to-follow manner.
This Masterclass is for Product Managers that want to learn how to manage the products and services, people who are struggling with planning their operational processes.

Our successful story

Product Management

"I am enjoying it very much. I have learned useful information that I can implement immediately. It has helped review and correct some areas where we need to improve. Thank you! I would recommend it 100%. At times it goes faster than my comprehension (😅), but the reading materials help. Product Management is new to me, so I am taking full advantage of the process. Martin is a great professor. I like his real life example approach"

-VP Product Management and Innovation

Learning Outcomes
  • Agile Project Expert knowledge imparted

  • Assess how to improve the profitability of products and services

  • Identify the key business drivers that affect product decisions

  • Master product research & planning.

  • Create forecasts and operations plans for new products and services

  • Develop a business case to win approval for a new product or service

  •  Innovate by developing your own products and services


Takeaway: Become a certified product manager in four days.

*This training program is accredited by NASBA (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy), which grants 32 CPE credits toward the ongoing professional development requirements specified by many state boards of accountancy that are required by law or regulation to maintain licensure as a certified public accountant (CPA).

*A professional certification by London School of Business and Finance gained through an exam, study materials and mentoring.

Product Management Workplace

Ana Nevistikj

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Interested in gaining tools to execute your role better?
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Product Management Expert 2024

(4-Day Workshop) 

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