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Certified Chief Risk Officer - Sydney

The Certified Chief Risk Officer (CCRO) course is for chief risk officers, senior risk managers and heads of risk management divisions. This 2-day event combines lectures and practical sessions to help risk managers enhance their skills and capability.

Certified Chief Risk Officer - Sydney

  • If you have any questions about payments, please reach out to your account manager.

  • Once payment is received, your Traveler Dashboard will update to show the course sessions the associated schedule.


    » Some of the pre-reading links will update on your dashboard.


    » The CLP.LIFE administrator will reach out to ask you to complete a pre-course survey that captures your interests to help us fine-tune the facilitation of the training sessions to your requirements.


    » Your account manager may contact you to discuss the course schedule, and you can reach out to them at any time from your learning dashboard.

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