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Edward Bodmer

Edward Bodmer

Finance Professor
Finance Professor



Edward Bodmer provides financial and economic consulting services to a variety of clients, he teaches professional development courses in an assortment of modelling topics (project finance, M&A, and energy). He is passionate about teaching in Africa, South America, Asia, and Europe.

Many of the unique analytical concepts and modelling techniques he has developed have arisen from discussion with participants in his courses. Professor Bodmer has taught customized courses for MIT’s Sloan Business School, Bank Paribas, Shell Oil, Society General, General Electric, HSBC, GDF Suez, Citibank, CIMB, Lindlakers, HSBC, Saudi Aramco and many other energy and industrial clients.

​​Bodmer’s consulting activities include developing complex project finance, corporate and simulation models, providing expert testimony on financial and economic issues before energy regulatory agencies, and advisory services to support merger and acquisition projects.

Mr. Bodmer has written a textbook titled published by Wiley Finance. The book introduces unique modeling techniques that address many complex issues that are not typically used by even the most experienced financial analysts. For example, it describes how to build user-defined functions to solve circular logic without cumbersome copy and paste macros; how to write a function that derives the ratio of EV/EBITDA accounting for asset life, historical growth, taxes, return on investment, and cost of capital; and how to efficiently solve many project finance issues related to debt structuring. Bodmer is in the process of writing a second book that describes a series of valuation and analytical mistakes made in finance.

Over the course of his career Professor, Bodmer has been involved in formulating significant government policy related to electricity deregulation; he has prepared models and analyses for many clients around the world; he has evaluated energy purchasing decisions for many corporations; and, he has provided advice on corporate strategy.

Winning Factors 

● Development of a biomass plant, analysis, and advisory work for purchase of electricity generation, distribution and transmission assets by the City of Chicago
● Formulation of rate policy for major metro systems and street lighting networks, advocacy testimony on behalf of low-income consumers
● Risk analysis for toll roads, and evaluation of solar and wind projects.
● Constructed many advisory analyses for project finance and M&A transactions.

Formerly Vice President at the First National Bank of Chicago where he directed analysis of energy loans and also created financial modeling techniques used in advisory projects. He received an MBA specializing in econometrics (with honors) from the University of Chicago and a BSc in Finance from the University of Illinois (with highest university honors).

Specialist Areas:

Written a textbook titled Corporate and Project Finance Modeling, Theory and Practice published by Wiley Finance. The book introduces unique modelling techniques that address many complex issues that are not typically used by even the most experienced financial analysts.

 Learning Sessions

Project Finance

Credit Risk

Financial Modelling

Business Modelling

Credit Risk Assessment

Advanced Excel

Macro Development

| Certified Project Finance Specialist

| Credit Risk Specialist

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Edward Bodmer

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