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Ginty Chalk

Ginty Chalk

HR Consultant
HR Consultant



With over two decades of dedicated service in Human Resources and Organizational Development across a multitude of industries and geographies, Ginty Chalk brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Her journey in HR management and strategic leadership has spanned over 70 organizations globally, showcasing her commitment to driving impactful hange and fostering organizational excellence.

As an independent HR consultant, Ginty has led comprehensive HR functions across organizations, driving initiatives in HR strategic planning, talent acquisition, training, and development, laying the foundation for robust HR systems and procedures. Her strategic approach centers on the fundamental principle of placing the right people in the right positions, leveraging their strengths, skills, and potential to drive organizational success.

She specializes in organizational design, leadership development, culture transformation, and behavioral change, harnessing her extensive background in HR, operations, and change management.

With a proven track record of success in various industries, across South Africa, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, France, Germany, India, Kenya, Mauritius, Namibia, Singapore, UK and USA, and a passion for cultivating high-performance cultures, Ginty emerges as a strategic HR leader skilled at navigating complex challenges and driving sustained organizational effectiveness.

Winning Factors 

● Strategic HR Planning

● Talent Acquisition and Management

● Training and Development Programs

● Performance Management Systems

● Organizational Design and Development

● Change Management Leadership

● HR Systems and Procedures Development

● Change Management Leadership

● Employee Engagement Initiatives

Specialist Areas:

Organizational design

Leadership development

Culture transformation

Behavioral change

 Learning Sessions

Organizational Design

HR Strategy Alignment

Change Management

Employee Engagement Culture

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