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Graeme Keith

Graeme Keith

Advisor, Teacher, Facilitator, Speaker
Advisor, Teacher, Facilitator, Speaker



Graeme has worked in the interface between strategy, risk management and portfolio analysis since completing his doctorate in applied mathematics at Cambridge in 2000. First as a research associate at Cambridge and later as a engineering consultant based in Copenhagen, Graeme started out developing mathematical models for failure investigation, risk management and decision analysis.

After 10 years in consultancy, Graeme started applying his analytical approach to strategy and portfolio management for capital intensive project portfolios, first as head of research at the oil and gas division of DONG E&P and later as exploration portfolio manager at Maersk Oil.

Leveragíng the close relationship between strategy and risk management in the highly volatile oil and gas market, Graeme moved in to twin roles as lead strategy advisor and head of enterprise risk management at Maersk, before starting Stochastic ApS in late 2019.

​Graeme lives in Copenhagen with his wife Karin, his three children Carl (2006), Theo (2008) and Isobel (2014) and their two cats Salamis and Archimedes, who may or may not be immortal.

Winning Factors 

Consultancy, facilitation and training in strategy, risk management, portfolio optimization and decision analysis.

Specialist Areas:

Mr. Graeme advise on Strategy, Risk Management, Portfolio Optimization and Decision Analysis, specializing in using simple mathematical models of decisions under uncertainty and risk to get the most out of available expertise and data in these activities.

❝ My approach combines the intuitive power and accessibility of causal analysis mapping with the logic and rigour of probability theory and data analysis. To ensure models are relevant and actionable, the point of departure is always the decisions to be made and the outcomes to be attained. ❞

 Learning Sessions

Fraud Specialist

ERM for Telecommunications

Op Risk Practitioner

Credit Risk Specialist

ERM for Oil & Gas Practitioner

Enterprise Risk Management

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Graeme Keith

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