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Luke Minshall

Luke Minshall

Developing Leadership Excellence
Developing Leadership Excellence



Luke Minshall has always been passionate about creating high impact change interventions by integrating Authentic Leadership, Psychology, Technology and Culture to drive business innovation and performance.

In his experience at London School of Business and Finance LSBF, he designed and facilitated level 7 programmes on the topics of Digital Leadership, Operations Management, Leadership Coaching, Psychometric Assessment and Team Management via online, blended and classroom-style courses and workshops.

This trainer is an extremely proactive and enthusiastic team player, who consistently contributes innovative and “out of the box” ideas in order to improve our school’s potential and programme quality as well as academic rigour.

He is a reliable and valid source for consultations and advises, is trustworthy and dependable, and he has consistently received excellent or outstanding ratings by our delegates.

In his consulting role, Luke harnesses thought leadership to overcome specific client challenges. He helps clients define their digital leadership strategies, lead change interventions, facilitate psychometric assessments, conduct training needs analysis and provide coaching.

Examples of achievements in this role include:

• As part of an organisational refocusing at Share Plc, he worked directly for the CEO bringing about interventions that increased female board representation by 40% over 3 years.
• Directed a two year blended development programme for the United Nations resulting in creation of new learning strategy and framework with metrics being adopted by SLT of three UN agencies.

Winning Factors 

● Cross Country Counselling Dissertation

● Employee Relations and Motivation

● Organisational Stress and Health

● Philosophy of Science

● Assessment and Testing

● Career Development

● Ergonomics

● Human Factors

● Professional issues in research and practice

● Organisational Development

● Change and Change Management

● Occupational Selection

● Survey methodology


● Learning and Development

● Applied Research Project

● Consultancy Skills

Specialist Areas:

Designs and delivers online, blended and classroom based Exec Education courses in Digital Leadership, Coaching and Management.

 Learning Sessions

Leadership Development

Digital Leadership

Operations Management

Leadership Coaching

Psychometric Assessment

Team Management 

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Luke Minshall

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