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Marija I. Stojanovska


Head of Professional Development Advisory

Marija I. Stojanovska

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Marija I. Stojanovska



Marija has been in the company since March 2018 as a vital member of it.

The best thing about Marija is that she always brings a different point of view for every challenge that we may face in the company. Her colleagues say about her that she is a calm person and a team player, she puts the company goals and the team spirit in first place.

For her clients, the fact that she is a people person means that when she is leading a campaign, she is looking at it from the client’s standpoint. Even though she is ambitious she always chooses quality over quantity. A client’s satisfaction is her greatest motivation and driver to move forward.

​“I would like to take the chance to express my appreciation for Marija’s professionalism and dedication which made this training possible in very short period.” – Operational Risk Manager, KSA

​She is a Risk Advisor and in September 2019 she has been promoted to Team Leader of Risk Business Advisory when she started expressing an exceptional organizational, analytical, and managerial skills.

Marija is easy adaptable to new projects and work cultures and know how to accomplish the best results in the shortest possible time. This is the reason why she has so many successfully delivered courses all over the Middle East and Asia and that’s why she quickly rose through the ranks at our company.

Marija with her knowledge in Risk Management and the experience as a Consultant will help you improve your career development and will guide you during the whole CLP journey.

Marija I. Stojanovska

Head of Professional Development Advisory

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Macedonian Cuisine

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The Lord of the Rings

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Norwegian Wood


Fitness, Exploring new places and people

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“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

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