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Certified HR Data Analyst

The HR Data Analyst Masterclass has been designed for HR Professionals who are seeking to enhance their HR modeling skills, IT Teams working with HR Data and Internal Auditors wishing to assess the risks and effectiveness of their HR function.


This masterclass provides a hands-on, real-life cases and applied best practices approach for using analytics in assessing and reporting on Human Capital initiatives.

During workshop we will investigate 10 unique models and identify how data sources could be modeled to solve HR business problems. We'll develop a backbone database, tools and reporting solution that can be taken away to advance your internal HR Reporting activities.

Our Success Story

HR Data Analytics 

" It was an incredible opportunity being part of the first HRD.CLP online class to become a certified HR Data Analyst by London School of Business and Finance LSBF. HR analytics can help us reach a smart and informative decision in some areas like Turnover, Retention, Risk, Talent, and Futurecasting. Thank you Causal Capital for this amazing course and special thanks to Martin Davies for all the fun and informative sessions. Halyna Olshanetska-Mitevska and Catherine Loe, thank you both for your support throughout the course."

Human Resources Specialist, Ministry of Finance, Saudi Arabia (HRD.CLP, June)


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