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Operational Risk

The Best Operational Risk Course Available

Operational Risk Exercise

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Learning Outcomes

As architects for the leading Operational Risk Management Training Programs that are being taken up banks across the GCC, we will look at the pros and cons of each different methodology and frameworks used in Operational risk. ASNZ 4360, ISO 31000, COSO, Basel and much more.


●    Learn how human behaviour impacts Risk Appetite and the adverse effects this can have on companies
●    Understand how to improve the efficiency of daily activities in business units while reducing errors
●    Learn how events should be reported taking in materiality, loss threshold, frequency and many other specific data requirements 
●    Learn the six steps of scenario analysis and model a specific event
●    Learn how to use a statistical tools to carry out the curve fitting of op risk data
●    Learn how to price strategic risk
●    Learn how to reserve for Extreme Value Theory (EVT) results
●    Learn how to make control operation more cost effective and efficient
●    Learn how to prioritize controls through Monte Carlo models 

Operational Risk in UAE
Operational Risk UAE
Ideal for Learning Travellers
  • Delegates that are aiming to enhance their personal knowledge, and gain insight into industry best practises for operational risk.

  • Delegates that are already full time employed, with at least 2 years of relevant work experience. 

Course Schedule

Day 1.

Operational Risk Frameworks

  • Understanding Op Risk Capital

  • Basel II - Operational Risk

  • Iso 31000 front to back

  • The importance of framework 

  • Mapping for Operational Risk

  • Risk Registration

  • Causality and BowTie Approach

  • Measuring Causal Outcomes

  • Risk Centric Perspective 

Day 2.

Contor & Loss Management

  • Control Self Assessment

  • Building a RCSA Scorecard

  • Measuring Error and Quality

  • Framing hurdles that drive error

  • Loss Event Processes

  • Building a Loss Event Database

  • Risk Appetite and Tolerance

  • Impacts on Policy Risk

  • Scenario Analysis in Details 

Day 3.

Methods of Modelling

  • Business Continuity Best Practice

  • Modelling Losses from Human Factors

  • 101 Statistics for Operational Risk

  • Bayesian expressions of probability

  • Risk Centric Perspective

  • Parametric Expressing of Loss

  • Methods for curve fitting

  • Using external data to model losses

  • Monte Carlo & its applications

Day 4.

Applied Topics 

  • Using AI in Op Risk Reporting

  • Control Rating

  • Trends in 2023

  • KRIs in Op Risk

  • Op Risk & Product Management 

  • Building Operational Risk policy

  • Trading Op Risk and Insurance

  • Case Study on Op Risk Projects

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18 NASBA CPE Credits

Martin Davies is a risk framework architect who designs risk measurement systems for auditors and risk managers working in trading firms,energy houses, manufacturing companies, and financial institutions. He has more than twenty years of experience developing bespoke risk reporting and scorecard assessment solutions with a particular focus on operational audit, IT, finance and the transactional aspects of a business.

Martin Davies

Risk Framework Architect 

martin davies

Learn to assess, measure and manage your organization's operational risks.

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