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Martin Davies

Martin Davies

Risk Framework Architect
Risk Framework Architect



Martin is a risk framework architect who designs risk measurement systems for auditors and risk managers working in trading firms, energy houses, manufacturing companies and financial institutions. He has more than twenty years’ experience developing bespoke risk reporting and scorecard assessment solutions with a particular focus on operational audit, IT, finance and the transactional aspects of a business. He also has a very strong knowledge of Business Continuity, Quality Control, Trade and Supply Chain Resilience, valuation and strategy.

​He is currently working with several companies throughout South East Asia and the Middle East assisting these organisations to build industry best practice frameworks for audit. Working with IIA chapters, he has a strong knowledge of COSO, ISO 31000 and Risk Based Audit procedures at a highly technical level. He is also very practical with his work.

​In the futures markets, Martin has worked closely with stock exchanges in South East Asia assisting with the due diligence of new trade instruments and is a credited trainer for the International Academy of Financial Management on structured finance. Martin is a Six Sigma Black Belt project manager, has outstanding information technology skills.

​​Involvement in the design and operationalization of new products and experienced in business process redesign. Martin has been involved in financial planning, treasury and budgeting initiatives from both a risk, accounting and compliance perspective. Martin not only understands the various aspects of different risks business units face but is able to assess the quality of control from a regulatory perspective.

​​He is currently working with several institutions throughout South East Asia and the Middle East, assisting these organisations to build industry best practice risk management frameworks. In the futures markets, Martin has worked closely with stock exchanges in South East Asia designing new commodity instruments.

​Some of his clients include: BNP Paribas; Marafiq Power and Water, United Nations, Petronas, Emirates Group, Bursa Malaysia, Mobily & STC, Royal Bank of Scotland, Bank of America, Saudi Hollandi Bank and many more.

Winning Factors 

● Strong risk and audit skills

● Deep knowledge of operational & financial audit and actively publishing on this subject matter with case studies & tools

● Sound understanding of emerging markets

● Skilled up in Analytical Risk frameworks

● Well-rounded presentation skills

● Able to assess risk in an auditor’s context

● Performance and risk modelling skills

Specialist Areas:

Financial Risk | FRM & PRM practitioner

​Audit & Training | Train the Trainer, London School of Business, Accredited in Risk Based Audit framework development

​Financial | Accredited corporate finance and risk with the American Academy on financial management. BSc Eng faculty of science Newcastle University

❝ Martin is one of those risk practitioners that is leading the advancement of Risk Management and Operational Audit in the workplace across the world. ❞ 

 Learning Sessions

Operational Risk
Credit Risk
Enterprise Risk Management
Fraud Management
HR Data
Financial Modelling

| Op Risk Practitioner (Exinde)
| Certified Credit Analyst
| ERM Telco
| Fraud Specialist
| Risk Based Auditor Level I & Level II
| Quantitative Auditor
| HR Data Analyst
| Finance & Excel Modelling
| Project Finance

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Martin Davies

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