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Certified Strategic
HR Business Manager

A Complete Business Planning and Delivery Program for HR Leaders!

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Next Session Begins

It Starts 27 May 2024 in Mauritius

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to develop an effective Organizational Plan for different Business Units

  • Identify Strategic HR Indicators that are sensitive to the business

  • Become and expert advisor in cost modelling, Forecasting & resource needs

  • Learn how to use different tools that HR leaders apply to specific business problems

  • Learn how to effectively manage succession planning, staff assessment, factor & assessments that lead to hiring success and retention

Winning factors
  • Best Practice methods for identifying KPIs that can be used to track how staff perform

  • Using tools for planning a business unit’s entire HR Needs taking in headcount forecasting, developing a training plan, retention, and succession strategies

  • Develop a Strategic HR Plan using HR Scenarios, Decisions Trees

  • Develop & use HR Scorecard templates that can assess the contribution of staff in a department

  • Training Needs Analysis planning methods for a business inline with its strategic directive


Course Schedule

Day 1

Strategic HR Planning and Implementation

  • Session 1 - Develop an effective Organizational Plan for different Business Units

  • Session 2 - Identify Strategic HR indicators sensitive to the business

  • Session 3 - Become an expert advisor in cost modeling forecasting & resource needs 

Day 2

HR Tools and Talent Management

  • Session 4 - Use different tools that HR leaders apply to specific business problems

  • Effectively manage succession planning, staff assessment, factor & assess

At the end of this Continuous Learning Path you will become a
Certified Strategic HR Business Manager.

You will receive a lifetime access to the Learning Portal and be able to work on a personal HR Strategic Project for your office.

Certified HR Data Analyst 

Ideal for Learning Travellers

  • HR units

  • HR Managers

  • Business Analysts

  • HR survey

  • staff working in HR reporting functions

Lifetime access to learning portals

You become LSBF Certified

Conference in Mauritius

Bring your special project

16 NASBA CPE Credits

Ginty Chalk

Change Management|

Organizational Design|HR Strategy Alignment|Coach

Ginty Chalk As an independent HR consultant, Ginty leads strategic HR functions including planning, talent acquisition, and training. Her focus on placing the right people in the right roles, and leveraging strengths drives success. Specializing in organizational design, leadership development, and culture transformation, she excels in HR, operations, and change management.

Ginty Chalk
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