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Certified Business & Strategic Auditor 

Strategy audit has changed the role of an auditor in today's society and many corporate organizations are accepting it for a strategic advantage. It helps to understand your competition and offers a good insight into the industry, enabling you to analyze all the areas of business

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As organizations become more complex, the need for strategic audits has increased. This course will explore how a business strategy audit can provide value by ensuring effective implementation, monitoring performance and evaluating assets for divesting. This course will be an excellent resource for auditors who have limited experience in performing these types of audits. 

If you are involved in the audit of Strategic Performance, this course is essential to your professional development. It will provide a taxonomy of methods and processes to ensure that you are able to apply these concepts throughout your entire audit plan.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn what's different about strategic audits and why they are important

  • Learn how a strategic audit lifts the auditor's profile

  • Strategic Audit Taxonomy Development

  • Complete Audit Universe for Corporate Strategy

  • Understand what needs to be captured for a continuous audit

  • Use a set of comprehensive methods to test the ethic and critical thinking under rationales and business logic

  • Understand Corporate Strategy KPIs & What's Important

  • Use proven techniques to identify strategic risks

  • Ensure strategies are compliant with existing policies & laws

  • Convert financial statements into performance indicators to test strategic outcomes

  • Develop a stakeholder map of benefits, costs, and risks

  • Review what should be included in a strategic audit report


Takeaway:  Become Certified Business & Strategic Auditor.

*This training program is accredited by NASBA (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy), which grants 24 CPE credits toward the ongoing professional development requirements specified by many state boards of accountancy that are required by law or regulation to maintain licensure as a certified public accountant (CPA).

*Certification by the London School of Business and Finance gained through an exam, study materials and mentoring.

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