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Digital Forensic Level Oversight into Banking Crimes

Causal Capital is happy to announce that we are introducing a detailed and highly informative Cyber Risk Masterclass. This is not only LSBF certified but completely hits the mark on exploring various practicalities that will improve your control against a wide range of cyber threats that impact all businesses broadly.

In line with the successful CLP.LIFE Continuous Learning Path approach to delivering technical content; the CSTR.CLP certified program covers Best Practices under ISO 27001. It also explores emerging governance approaches for monitoring cyber risk effectively, and it will impart leading methods for performing a Vulnerability Assessment across your enterprise.

Framework for Forensic Risk Investigations into Banking Crimes

Best Practice Tools for Identifying and Assessing Root Causes

Developing effective treatment policy to tighten control post event

The course includes Lifetime Access to the Learning Portal and is jam-packed with various case studies that deep dive into Phishing, Social Engineering and Hacking approaches that IT professionals need to understand.


Martin Davies

Risk Framework Architect 

Martin is a risk framework architect who designs risk measurement systems for auditors and risk managers working in trading firms, energy houses, manufacturing companies, and financial institutions. He has more than twenty years of experience developing bespoke risk reporting and scorecard assessment solutions with a particular focus on operational audit, IT, finance and the transactional aspects of a business.

Hussain Aldawood

Engineering & Cyber Security

Hussain has 10+ years of rich and diverse multi-functional experience in leading and delivering a range of security & IT initiatives and contributing to wider business change programs, complex IT business solutions, major rollouts and profitability improvement projects within the information security industry. Extensive experience helping organizations to create a safe culture...



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Marija with her knowledge in Risk Management and the experience as a Consultant will help you improve your career development and will guide you during the whole CLP journey.


CSTR Starts 10 January 2022 for 18 Days 

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