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Welcome to our Continuous Learning Path where you can become a Strategy Analysis & Planning Expert through our interactive online system and then attend the masterclass session later on in the year.

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Learn online now, become an expert + attend a masterclass later in the year & share your knowledge with other leading practitioners.

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SAPE Starts  4th of October 2020  for 10 days

Gain deep insight into formulating strategies, improve organizational performance, meet deadlines, and develop new business models. You will become a rounded strategy expert at developing the knowledge of managers and professionals in your organization. 

Find out the key issues beyond the organization’s control, changing rules that can be implemented at any point in time.


Predict future events and deduce alternative strategies if a certain plan doesn’t work out as expected. By knowing your positive attributes an organization can focus on the factors that lead to positive performance and can replicate the strategy wherever applicable.

Ideal for Learning Travellers

  • Strategists

  • Supervisors 

  • Senior Executives 

  • Divisional Heads 

  • Business Heads

  • Project Managers

  • Finance Managers

Strategic Commercial Structure

SAPE01 | Strategy Enablement Framework

SAPE02 | Organisation Performance Design
SAPE03 | Intrinsic Value Creation Methods
SAPE04 | Storyboarding + SWAT Analysis
SAPE05 | Forecasting & Strategic Budgets

SAPE06 | SPV Contract Financing Techniques

Markets & Products
SAPE07 | Opportunity Identification
SAPE08 | Competitive Analysis 
| Market Depth & Product Positioning
SAPE10 | Product Sensitivity Testing

SAPE11 | Strategic Term Sheets

SAPE12 | Feature Validation

Strategic Engineering

SAPE13 | Project Planning for Strategists
SAPE14 | Developing Strategic KPIs
SAPE15 | Building Runbooks for Deployment
SAPE16 | Go No Go Meetings

SAPE17 | Prototypes, Pilots & Rollouts

SAPE18 | Boxing, Pitch Design, Sales Plans

Become a Certified Strategy Expert and gain lifetime access to the learning portals and 

business models for managing new products.

Online + Live Training gives you the best of both worlds.

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