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Updated: Nov 16, 2023

A survey targeting internal auditors that was recently conducted in the US turned out some partially disappointing results, but the survey's conclusions aren't entirely unexpected.

Graphic & Interpretation | Martin Davies, Causal Capital

Auditors that are looking to become Chief of Internal Audit could do well by lifting up their skill sets in some of the areas we have listed in the charts above. Causal Capital has launched a special Certified Chief Audit Executive masterclass that is supported by the London School of Business and Finance to give auditors these capabilities so that they can lead effectively.

CCAE Real life experience and tips

Build a roadmap for your internal audit career

Lift your analytics, communication and critical thinking capabilities, to help you be an amazing senior auditor

Our goal with this masterclass is to help auditors on their vocational path to greatness.

Martin Davies | SME Risk & Audit

We're running this masterclass only twice a year and places usually fill up quickly with these vocationally engaging programs. We'd also be interested in hearing what you would like to master on your journey into senior audit management, we'd like to do our own survey and see what auditors are struggling with to master in GCC and Asia. We will be releasing this survey shortly, more to follow there.

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