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The CRO Course

The CRO Course is a masterclass, a community to guide Chief Risk Officers through the process of identifying and developing best practices for their departments and businesses — Fundamentally, that's the underlying purpose of this learning initiative, and Causal Capital has struck out yet again with a risk management training event that's generating substantial interest across the world of risk management.

We developed this masterclass because risk managers are generally overrun with foundational courses that lecture on prosaic structures like risk registers or, more profoundly but equally busted, Value at Risk calculations. However, there is very little instruction out there which addresses the top space in Risk Management, and we believe there is a vast learning gap that needs plugging here.

The Continuous Learning Path team at Causal Capital has broken new territory in risk management training with this exciting and highly informative LSBF Supported program

Martin Davies | Causal Capital [LINK]

The course will be run this year on 26th February 2024 in Dubai but Causal Capital will offer engagement and additional benefits for participants across the entire year of 2024.

You can find out more information by speaking directly with Marija or Ana in CLP.LIFE unit of Causal Capital.

To help with the numerous questions we have been receiving on this Certified Chief Risk Officer program, we have decided to write this small blog.

The course agenda has been designed to represent the CRO Skills and knowledge required to become a successful Chief Risk Officer, and it achieves this end by assessing & profiling delegates to discover what kind of CRO they will be, and we work in the materials to fit in with each individuals' interests.

We aim to help you self-actualize your strengths and management style in Risk Management. This is a break from traditional risk management learning that generally applies a one-size-fits-all across the material decks.

Tangible Outcomes

To assist with tacit knowledge transfer, the masterclass will be highly practical by clearly describing the pillars of Risk Management and demonstrating how these structures can operate in commercial settings with real-life examples. You will gain working cases on challenging initiatives, including but not limited to greasing Risk Governance or how to build a practive Risk Culture across your enterprise and how to sell solutions to the board that solve paradoxical problems which seem to plague risk managers daily.

The Live Risk Management Dashboard | Causal Capital IT Team

We look to drive out tangible outcomes that participants can take back to their organisations; we'll help them develop a Vision and Roadmap for their risk management departments or establish a Risk Management Knowledgebase and we'll be customising the topics of the masterclass to maximize delegate value.

Goes Beyond

This is a unique learning program that has the full support from the London School of Business and Finance along with some additional benefits.


We share TECHNICAL information where required but the masterclass focus is about effectively running a risk management department. We help new CROs perform external macro analysis, engage with stakeholders, communicate complex business or regulatory requirements to staff — We aim to work in with your communication style to help you leverage your capabilities in Risk Management and the masterclass is ideal for senior managers looking to become leading CROs.


While designing this training, it became apparent to the Causal Capital product team that if we're to truly meet the prime directive under a continuous learning effort, we're going to need to provide mentor-level support — A level of guidance that is private, that helps participants with their daily work and that directly assists with idea integration after the class is delivered. Given this, we're going to be offering Mentor Level Support where participants can reach out to the Causal Capital technical team for Q&A Support and Knowledge Sharing throughout the year of 2023.


This kind of learning approach will be most helpful if it is a shared learning journey where the participants can interact in an open forum, sharing ideas, asking questions and adding-in contextually relevant perspectives. Most training is facilitator lead, but we're going to flip the delivery approach around and encourage the participants to be part of the information delivery team — learn by doing it, by teaching it.


This CRO masterclass will be blended with a learning bite approach that provides information through a learning portal but also engages with the audience well before the big kick-off day. There will be online and recorded sessions that step delegates through solutions to help a CRO overcome the various challenges they face each day.


The London School of Business and Finance will be offering certification to all delegates that complete the course by submitting assessed work. Delegates that perform super well are likely to receive award pages celebrating their achievement.


Causal Capital uses Learning Portals for all of our training events, but due to the wide scope of this specific CRO program, delegates will have access to a broader & deeper set of materials from our enterprise risk management library — Access to the learning portal is lifetime.


For this CRO learning project, we're also excited to announce that there will be multiple faciliators involved in the training. We expect the multiple speaker aspect to bring a more diverse learning experience to delegates.

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