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Robert Joslin

Robert Joslin

Professor, trainer in project, program and portfolio management
Professor, trainer in project, program and portfolio management



Dr. Robert Joslin is a portfolio/project/program management consultant, academic researcher, PhD, Master and MBA supervisor and co-founder of AIPMO (Association of International PMOs).

He has 20 plus years of designing, initiating management delivery of business transformation, reengineering, infrastructure, strategy development including winning national prizes for ideas and product innovation. Previously, a consultant in telecom, banking, insurance, manufacturing, and direct marketing whilst working for McKinsey & Co, Logica and his own consulting company.

Robert has published books, chapters and research papers in the field of project, program and portfolio management and presents his research at conferences such as PMI research and EURAM. He is a peer reviewer for the top three research journals in project management and the founder and organizer of the annual PMI Swiss program management conferences and has developed an information structuring methodology aligned and complementing PMI Standards.

Currently, Dr. Robert is in the process of co-authoring an international ‘leading’ standard on PMOs for AIPMO as well as in the process of co-authoring a number of books.

Winning Factors 

● Extensive Project Management Experience

● Industry leader and speaker

● Globally Recognised Subject Matter Expert

● Experience Across Multiple Industries

Specialist Areas:

● Developing New Standards in Project Management

● Solid understanding of GCC requirements

● Train the Trainer Capability

❝ Robert is an incredible strategist and tactician rolled up into one. He knows how to initiate the strategic development of target clients through conducting a knowledge Management survey and creating the report to be presented and distributed to those companies that participated.

He is a goal-oriented driven individual who is dedicated to the company and the company goals and he does this in the most efficient and effective way possible ❞

 Learning Sessions

Product Management Framework

Research & Product Planning

Agile Product Management

Winning Sales Strategies

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Robert Joslin

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