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Strategic HR Business Manager

A Complete Business Planning and Delivery Program for HR Leaders!

This is not your typical HR course!

HR is a critical business area for many companies but it's a big topic that can take lots of money, time and energy to get good at. If you are an HR professional or a future HR leader, you are in the right place.

Strategic HR Manager is a course that has been created with the specific needs of an HR leader in mind. It will enable you to take better business decisions concerning strategic staffing, to develop run speedier and more efficient recruitment processes, to adjust your organisation structure to market demands and much more.

Learning Outcomes

●    Learn how to develop an effective Organizational Plan for different Business Units
●    Identify Strategic HR Indicators that are sensitive to the business
●    Become and expert advisor in cost modelling, forecasting & resource needs
●    Learn how to use different tools that HR leaders apply to specific business problems
●    Learn how to effectively manage succession planning, staff assessment, factor & asses

Winning Factors

●    Best Practice methods for identifying KPIs that can be used to track how staff perform
●    Using tools for planning a business unit’s entire HR Needs taking in headcount forecasting, developing a training plan, retention, and succession strategies
●    Develop a Strategic HR Plan using HR Scenarios, Decisions Trees
●    Develop & use HR Scorecard templates that can assess the contribution of staff in a department
●    Training Needs Analysis planning methods for a business inline with its strategic directive.

*This training program is accredited by NASBA (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy), which grants 16 CPE credits toward the ongoing professional development requirements specified by many state boards of accountancy that are required by law or regulation to maintain licensure as a certified public accountant (CPA).

*A professional certification by London School of Business and Finance gained through an exam, study materials and mentoring.


Mladenka Vuchkova

It Starts 27 May 2024 in Mauritius

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