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Certified Strategic Key Risk Indicators Specialist

Discover KRI Management

KRI Management

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Learning Outcomes

● New Approach for "Active Governance"
● Create a complete framework for Key Risk Indicators
● Model and report risk coherently through indicators
● Build Integrated & Aggregated Dashboard KRI Reports
● Use models to monitor Key Risk Indicators real time
● Build expert control scoring KRI models
● Risk Capital explained with KRI working examples
● Explore methods to identify indicators in your organisation
● Streamline risk policy with the use of indicators
● Market Risk, Credit Risk and Operational Risk KRIs shared
● Use dashboards for sensitivity analysis and stress testing
● Explore what KRI fields to capture and why
● Real-life case studies and best practices explored

● Hundreds of KRIs / KPIs shared

KRI Management
Course Schedule

Day 1

Winning Case Study on KRI

  • Learn how companies have improves their decision-making with a KRI system. It's easy to build.

  • The benefits of a KRI System explained

  • Valuable Learnings & Takeaways

  • We provide the tools

KRI Project Plan

  • KRI Project Plan & Roadmap

  • Complete Enterprise road map for

  • HR, Finance & OPS

  • KRI Project Scope and Approach

KRI Systems

  • Look at a KRI Solution in Excel

  • Fields to capture & Why Explained

  • Other systems stepped through

  • Risk & Audit taxonomy shared

Strategic indicators

  • Best Practice Approach for Strategic Vision

  • Stakeholder Assessment Empathy Maps

  • Develop a Stakeholder Communication approach

  • Example commercial strategies with case studies.

Day 2

Indicators in a Risk Framework

  • Beyond the ISO 31000 Risk Framework

  • How indicators can feature

  • All key ERM facilities explained

  • Examples for Asian companies

Key Risk Indicator Policy Types

  • KRIs for Risk Appetite

  • Example in a sales, trading and operations team

  • Working examples for tracking HR performance

  • KPI Supply Chain example

KRIs Linked to Risk Control

  • Connecting KRI's to Controls for Control Assessment

  • Root Cause Modelling with KRIs

  • Risk-Control-KRI Data Set and Risk Models shared

  • How auditors can establish a continuous Audit

KRI Modelling

  • Control charting models

  • Use KRIs in Quality Control

  • Policy Based Control Systems

  • Case Study in Operations

KRI Management

Ideal for Learning Travellers

● ERM Practitioners
● Heads of Internal Audit
● Risk IT Teams
● Operations Directors
● Reporting Units
● Finance and HR Managers
● Strategy Managers
● SME Risk Teams

Lifetime access to learning portals

You become LSBF Certified

Conference in Singapore

Bring your special project

32 NASBA CPE Credits

Martin Davies

Risk Framework Architect 

martin davies

Martin Davies is a risk framework architect who designs risk measurement systems for auditors and risk managers working in trading firms,energy houses, manufacturing companies, and financial institutions. He has more than twenty years of experience developing bespoke risk reporting and scorecard assessment solutions with a particular focus on operational audit, IT, finance and the transactional aspects of a business.

Day 3

AI Control Model

  • Use KRI Models to assess large transaction volumes working example

  • Receiver Operating Explained Characteristic Tests

  • KRI Data Stratification & Example reports - Bring your laptops

KRI Reporting Dashboards

  • Design an interactive dashboard

  • Pivot Table Slice & Dice Risk Reports in Excel Shared

  • Build PowerBI working examples or use Causal Capital's system

Finance KRI Models

  • Top 65 Finance KPIs explained

  • How to Monitoring Liquidity

  • Regulatory liquidity rules

  • Stress Testing Business Models

  • Risk to impact assessment

HR KRI Solution

  • What you need for a continuous risk monitor in your business

  • Beyond Audit Command

You will become a Certified Strategic Key Risk Indicators Specialist  with this ERM.clp life training and master the skills of both developing and operating an enterprise risk framework.

From the foundations through the complete maturity life cycle of Enterprise Risk Management.

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