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Enterprise Risk

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Enterprise Risk Managers

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ERM Starts 25-26 July 2024 in Sydney, 2 days onsite

Learning Outcomes

The workshop has been designed for Enterprise Risk Managers who want to build a complete risk management framework from the foundations right through to being able to quantify risk coherently. Attendees will walk away with risk dashboards and complete insight into how to build a risk database quickly. Learn how to measure risk and a complete overview of risk standards such as ISO 31000.

■ Review different best practices from across the region
■ Develop a risk framework to fit your business model
■ Step through real-life case studies to coherently quantify risk
■ Certify yourself with the LSBF in risk ISO 31000 & much more
■ Understand how to assess risk from different sources
■ Completely nail risk appetite with working examples
■ Access knowledge on a lifetime membership risk management reading portal
■ Bring your problems to the class for resolution
■ Become confident in deploying a risk management solution in your company

Enterprise Risk Workshop

Ideal for Learning Travellers

Enterprise Risk Management Course

■ Chief Risk Officers
■ Risk Managers
■ Quality Control & Maintenance Teams
■ BCP Personnel
■ Internal Auditors
■ Control Assessors
■ Operations Teams
■ Business Analysts
■ Quality Control Teams
■ Safety Units

Course Schedule

Block 1.

ERM Frameworks

    » ERM Practices & Standards COSO & ISO 31000
    » ERM Taxonomies
    » ERM Roles & Responsibilities
    » ERM Top Down Perspective
    » ERM Risk Appetite
    » Risk Measurement

Block 2.

Risk Quantification

    » Developing an ERM Database
    » Developing Risk Registers
    » ERM Control Design
    » Root Cause Analysis
    » Fault Trees
    » Key Risk Indicators

Lifetime access to learning portals

You become LSBF Certified

Conference in Sydney

Bring your special project

32 NASBA CPE Credits

Martin Davies is a risk framework architect who designs risk measurement systems for auditors and risk managers working in trading firms, energy houses, manufacturing companies, and financial institutions. He has more than twenty years of experience developing bespoke risk reporting and scorecard assessment solutions with a particular focus on operational audit, IT, finance, and the transactional aspects of a business.

Martin Davies

Risk Framework Architect 

Martin Davies

You will become a Certified Enterprise Risk Manager with this ERM.clp life training and master the skills of both developing and operating an enterprise risk framework. From the foundations through the complete maturity life cycle of Enterprise Risk Management.

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