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A Leading Expert Masterclass among
Operational Risk Practitioners

One of the first questions any board asks when they realize that a crisis is upon them is "what went wrong?

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Our successful story

Operational Risk Practitioner 

August 2020 

The Operational Risk Practitioner (ORP) is an 34 Sessions masterclass designed to teach you the global best practices that will help you to define, measure and manage operational risk in today's complex environment. 

Our expert faculty Martin Davies will walk you through the scenarios and case studies from successful companies that have implemented these practices and provide invaluable feedback on your approach.
      The course includes both theory sessions as well as hands-on exercises that allow participants direct experience with both the methodology for performing Operational Risk assessment and analysis of typical case studies demonstrating its effectiveness in practice. This course offers unique insight into how to apply this globally accepted framework for defining, measuring and managing operational risk.
   The course is also suitable for internal auditors and compliance officers who want to be able to assure the operational risk management of the organization.

       The course is Certified by the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) and accredited by NASBA 


The virtual sessions were good and the delivery more oriented to pratical examples Martin has gone through.The course management was excellent with the portal interaction for materials and scripts to be run.Thank you very much enrolling me

Head of Operational Risk, AfrAsia Bank Mauritius

The course was effective and easy to communicate information using screen display and well explaned. There was full support at any time from Martin and Marija really appreciated. The course had good period of sessions and the way of delivering the information which meet my expectations. The best session was when Martin tought us the way of modeling and programming

Operational Risk Officer, Al Rajhi Bank Kuwait

From the planning, coordination and communication to the quality of the course material and the expertise of the instructor, outstanding all and all. I truly enjoyed the course and picked up so much. Definitely recommend this to others.

ORM/Information Security, Risk Architect & Practitioner (Texas)


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